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Jersey New Dingofakes nj
by: TXNS_fan
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 12:20pm 
Getting Texas ID card for a minor
Does anybody know what it entails? Can I just show up at a DPS with the child any time? Or there is a certain time slot when they'll see you?
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~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 12:45pm 
Jersey New Dingofakes nj
If you go to one of the DPS services centers you can schedule a time. Make sure you have everything required like birth certificate and SS card. If you go to Humble it's first come first served.
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 1:12pm 
Be sure to bring (as a parent) proof of residancy and another bill. They would not let me use my DL as proof for my child to get an ID. I went to the DPS in Spring cause it's usually MUCH faster than the one in Humble! I used my car insurance & a bank statement (not over 30 days old) and signed some document saying she resided in my home, along w the fees.. I HATE going to the DPS!! You can look on the web site for all acceptable proof they allow! If I remember correctly she had to have her school id too cause it had a picture?
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 1:31pm 
@Tuckersmom Thank you. that helps
@Sheltie_Papa What is the DPS services center?
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 1:41pm 
Jersey New Dingofakes nj
DPS has many locations around - I think some of them are larger than others maybe called service centers? I know the one in Spring you can call and get put in line and they actually call you (automated) to update you where in line you are and what the wait will be etc. I've never waited longer than 15 min there.
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:07pm 
For my DL we went to the Liberty DPS, it was fairly fast. Definitely much faster than the one in Humble.
I know that with the passport services some post offices have appt only system that they don't specify on the website.
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:29pm 
I don't think you need an appt for anything to do w a ID or license as long as your paperwork is right and its not like a road test or pass port
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:29pm 
The Liberty DPS is awesome. It's sooo tiny but a super pleasant drive and you can pop into the antique stores and all that while you're there. I like towns with the courthouse and town square and main street. All we have in Huffman is Valero!
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:38pm 
The Liberty DPS is not so small anymore. Much better than Humble but the word is out now.
As for services centers
www.txdps.state.tx.u s/DriverLicense/geti nlinebeforeyougo.htm
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:42pm 
as for requirement for Texas ID requirements: License/applyforID.h tm
is there anything else I can help with?
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:49pm 
Don't be scared to give Humble DPS a try. I went to renew my licence a few weeks back. Went late afternoon and they called me back within 10 mins of getting my number. Had to finish my paperwork at the counter.
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:51pm 
@Sheltie_Momma I like towns like that too.. I wish Atascocita had Main Street with little shops, cafes and sidewalks...
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 2:56pm 
@daddyo9 What time do the stop accepting applications?
@Sheltie_Papa Thank you! I don't think you can unless you want to volunteer to take my DD to a DPS... I hate going there and post offices
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 3:28pm 
@TXNS_fan I am well versed in many things such as DL's, ID Cards, bonded titles, passports, wills, POA, etc... but going to the DPS is not something I will want to volunteer. It's a bonding experience you and DD need to have together!!! Best of luck!
~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 3:38pm 
@Sheltie_Papa last year we spent a lot of time together getting her the passport. The whole spring break week in fact.
BTW, I do need a lawyer to write up a will.
Jersey New Dingofakes nj ~ 4 years ago   Apr 08 2015, 4:03pm 
Don't remember what the hours were. I was there a little after 4 I think.
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